Families in the Word

Families in the Word equips families with tools and resources to know God and His Word firsthand.

Families in the Word is a  ministry to teach families

how to know God's Word firsthand,

to be His disciples as families,

and to live out the truths of His Word

in a way that honors Him.



My name is Janice Southerland. I'm married to my best friend, David, and have two precious daughters and a wonderful son-in-love.  

As a child, I struggled to understand how the stories in the Bible fit together in time and history. It wasn't until I was a young mom that my mom introduced me to the method of inductive study through Precept Ministries. My hunger for God's Word literally went from dry black and white to living color as I learned how to study God's Word for myself and to develop a personal relationship with Him. 

As we began to raise our family, we struggled to know how best to impart our love for God to our children. We had seen plenty of “religious” people, but we wanted a real, daily, life-giving walk with God for us and our children. Genuine. Close. Real Christianity that weathers storms with an abiding peace because of Whose we are.   

We chose to homeschool from kindergarten through high school graduation, so that our girls would learn that the Bible is the basis for all of learning; not just an add-on subject to do if we have time. I began writing inductive Bible studies for my girls when they were in elementary school to teach them the basic learning skills of how to study. I wanted them to be able to study the Word for themselves and not be dependent on others to tell them what God said. Other families began to ask for the studies, opening doors for us to travel the country for 12 years to teach both parents and children the basic tools of inductive study through our family business, Children’s Inductive Bible Studies. Through the years, I've also had the privilege to lead Precept studies for 28 groups, speak in churches, lead workshops at homeschool book fairs, write topical and book lessons for children and adult Sunday School groups, and teach pastors and children's workers about inductive study for families in Peru and Argentina. Our daughters are now on their own after college and I am grateful that we are close friends with each other, sharing and encouraging one another with the truths of God's Word through life's ups and downs.

After we were “finished” homeschooling, I mistakenly believed that I was finished, too. It has been a challenging season of life lessons as God continues to grow and prepare us for a new chapter of equipping families with God's Word. Personally and as a family, we have become more involved in missions and in developing a Biblical worldview; both of which we look forward to sharing through the blog and future studies. My vision for Families in the Word is to have families know God firsthand, understand God's heartbeat that all may know Him, and to have wisdom to live life through the lens of a Biblical worldview. THANK YOU to those of you who have prayed for us through this transition; we are excited to see what God will do!

In Him,

*To have Janice speak at your event or lead a workshop, please contact us at familiesintheword@gmail.com