Families in the Word

Families in the Word equips families with tools and resources to know God and His Word firsthand.

Families in the Word is a  ministry to teach families

how to know God's Word firsthand,

to be His disciples as families,

and to live out the truths of His Word

in a way that honors Him.

"I received Sermon on the Mount, Part 1 and am ready for Part 2. My 9th grader remarked that [other Bible studies] tell you what's in the Bible, but Sermon on the Mount, Part 1 tells you how to put the Bible in your life." —Ann C

"My son has already begun the Know & Grow in 2 Timothy study. I am thankful he is so eager to study God's Word. May God bring glory to Himself through your ministry!" —Terri S

"My son, whom I am doing the study with, is 13. He was a little amazed that we were going to spend the whole school year on just the Sermon on the Mount. At times, he thinks it's a little repetitious, but I feel like the repetition is good because it emphasizes some important concepts. I think the study is benefiting us both and has prompted some good discussions. Thank you for the good work you are doing and may God bless you richly." —Susan C

"My 6th grader LOVED the 2 Timothy. It was her favorite of all Bible studies she ever did."
—Denise J

"I absolutely can't thank you enough for providing me with the means to challenge my kids to dig deep into these precious truths." —Patti M

"My girls have loved their inductive studies. Thanks for serving Him through these great studies!" —Julie K

"I have been reading Into Their Hearts at night and using the study tools in the a.m. I am so thrilled for myself to be learning so much more in God's Word! As I learn each tool, I am going to begin teaching these tools and working through sections of scripture with my 6 year old. I am so pleased to know this treasure, and I desire for others to know it too." 
—Kim M

"I am presently in prison and I have five young children. I would like for them to spend more time in the Bible and getting to know God, but as you can see, my hands are tied, so to speak. I believe that through your studies, my children can get the teaching that they are so lacking." —Kenneth F

"I did your study Know & Grow in Understanding God with our homeschool group, a total of 11 kids. It went really well! Everyone got their work done almost every week and were able to discuss their lesson with me. It was really great." —Lisa B

"Thank you so much for finally providing inductive studies at a child's level. May God prosper the work of your hands to His glory." —Dr. Diane P

"Used with 14 and 16 year olds; now have a 6 and 9 to begin…these are definitely a blessing; definitely needed." —Debbie J

"I've used the Know & Grow in 2 Timothy study with homeschool and children's church; loved it!" —Paula H

"My older daughters used these studies; it was wonderful. I now want my younger son to go through them." —Sherry G